Road(trip) to The Final Four

An account of four Hoos' journey to Minneapolis


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Four teams, one city. Four Hoos, one car. Reality is sometimes like a poem that writes itself, isn't it? From the racous college town of Charlottesville, Virginia, across the desolate plains of Illinois, and finally on to Minneapolis, Minnesota, follow us as we document our experience of avoiding pressing responsibilities back home to support our Cavaliers in the Final Four. In this blog, you'll find brief narratives about sights we see or places we go, as well as mixed forms of media such as poetry, imagery, and satirical pieces. We do not intend to accomplish anything through this blog, nor record anything of particular significance. Rather, it simply exists to provide light entertainment for ourselves and for our fans. We will not put substantial emphasis on correcting grammar or spelling errors but rather in delivering medium-quality content for the world to see and soon forget. The hope that we cling to is not that of aspiring writers.

Join us on our roadtrip to the Final Four where we will surely see the Virinia Cavaliers take the title.

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