Indy, You Have My Heart

By Trenton Burmeister

Indiana Photo
Indianapolis: is it really as good as people say it is? They call it the Windy City, the big Apple, the city that never sleeps, la la Land, the city of Loving Brothers, but the best one is the home of the Indianapolis colts. As we approached the city skyline My anticipation grew. The wheels rolled underneath us and the city passed on the left as I munched on my decidant hot fries. It was beautiful and Lucas oil stadium gleamed in the background underneath the overcast sky. It went by just as fast as it came as if it were a manifestation of my past 4 years at the University of Virginia, but every moment was glorious. As I left, a single tear fell down my face, not because I was leaving, but because of the mark the city was leaving on me. Though we bought no souvenirs, we still took with us a part of the city in our hearts. I leave knowing that I have become a better man. So my answer to the question is no it is far better than anyone could ever have described.