Dealing with Fame: A Day in the Life of a Banana

By Trenton Burmeister

Dealing With Fame 1 Photo
Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be bombarded by news writers, recognized by fans, and attacked by paparazzi? Well hopefully my words can paint you a picture for what that’s like. As I walked into the stadium in my banana uniform, glances of recognition began immediately. Comments such as, “Bananas!” made me realize that everyone knew exactly who I was. I tried to hide my face, but it didn’t matter. The bright yellow of my uniform made me stand out like a human sized banana in a crowd of people. Then, in an almost predictable manner, as I arrived to my seat, questions came flying in from left and right. I repetitively restated the banana origin story an incalculable number of times, but always with humility and respect for my fans. The “click click” of cameras became a constant buzz in my ears. Then, in a culmination of all the attention I was receiving from the press, a writer for a very prestigious, nationally known newspaper interviewed me and my fellow bananas, affectionately known as the “Banana Boys.” We answered her questions with a sense of pride for each other knowing that we were representing the University of Virginia. Although we know that we are the glue that holds the Virginia student section together, we never let that become our focus, giving all of the credit to the entire fan base. So, if you ask if this fame has changed me, I would say no. I am still the same individual with humble roots that I was before the Final Four.
Dealing With Fame 2 Photo