Bananas in Minneapolis

By Dan Kramp

Bananas F4 Photo
The bananas have done it. We have conquered Minneapolis for the Hoos and it is now ours forever. I, for one, am very excited to see what we will do with it. One of my plans is to construct a 30-foot tall statue of Thomas Jefferson on top of the US Bank Stadium. Another is to paint a Z-society symbol onto all existing buildings in the city (no I am not sponsored by UVA but I do think more places ought to look like it).

Regardless of all that we intend to do in the future, you are here because you want to see the mark we have already left on the city. Below, I have compiled all articles, photos, and videos I have been able to find that include us bananas and friends at the Final Four in Minneapolis. I hope to continue to add to this page as I find additional media sources (please let me know if you are able to find more that aren't here!).



An Interview with Bananas by KCCI Scott Reister

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