The Weekend Update w/o Seth Meyers

By Robert Gooch

Weekend Update Photo
Well, folks. It’s game day in the Mini Apple. With only a five hour drive to go, we are in very good spirits on this lovely Saturday. The plan is to drop Trenton’s, Dan’s, and Carter’s belongings in Lakeville, where they will be hosted for the trip. Then, we will make our way into the smarter, more athletic, and better behaved of the twin cities, not that anyone would ever love one twin more than the other. Our goal is to park as close to the apartment of Peter White, aka Pedro Blanco (Groton ‘15, UNH ‘18). He will kindly host me for the trip in exchange for a 5-star Yelp review.

Highlights of the morning include:
  1. Eagles Radio
  2. The wide open road
  3. Fellow wahoo fans spotted in a black Chevy Equinox

More to come from R2F4. Stay tuned.