Carter Works for the NCAA

By Carter Berry

Carter NCAA line photo
I’ve often thought about working for a nonprofit because they do such great work, so consider this a job application for the NCAA.

Position: Director of Student Ticketing for Men’s Basketball Championships

Need for position: The unmarked and unclear student entrances led to mass confusion and unsafe situations because of no organizational lead and inconsistent execution by stadium security at the ground level. I would be able to clearly delineate a process that would make student entry safer, easier, more enjoyable for students while being more profitable for the NCAA.

Qualifications: Consistent critic and user of flawed student ticketing systems, driven and capable mindset to give students a similar and perhaps better or more efficient experience than I had at the Final Four, distinguished knowledge of stadium entry and crowd control, invested attitude toward making the Final Four an impeccable culmination for the nations most exciting tournament, co-creator and designer of a flawless behavioral-economics-based accountability system for enforcing chores in a house of 12 college and it’s implication has produced great, measurable results

Compensation: I would be willing work as a contractor for the months of February - April and expect tickets, travel, and accommodations to the Final Four as well as any money you can give me (I realize you’re a non-profit so if you could find any money in your small margins it would be appreciated)

The Plan: Ticket allocation of 600 per school is low, given the plethora of empty space in both sections. I would up that to 750, which would also help the section to look more full, a desire of Turner Sports, and prevent the need for local students to be “fillers”. I would then stagger then entrance of students based on how much a student would be willing to pay. Method would be a name your price tool where a minimum of $40 would be set and students could select 4 different pricing levels with a cap on how many students could buy each level of seating. This would allow those that care most to get to the front of the student section. Because in reality, assigned seating isn’t enforced. Lastly, I would increase the amount of scanners for students from 2 to 6 so the bottleneck effect would be mitigated as well.

Any further questions and possible interview times should be communicated through my assistant, Trenton Burmeister.